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Terms of Hire

Wilkinson Travel will aim to provide you with a professional service, fully qualified drivers, and road worthy vehicle that meets the highest safety standards.

  • Please respect the vehicle and co-ordinate children in your care.
  • Please make sure at least one adult sits at the emergency exit during the entire trip.
  • We are providing you with a fully seat belted coach please make sure that they are worn as this is required by law.
  • All exits and the aisle must be kept free of luggage; emergency exits will be by law kept unlocked during the entire journey.
  • Any items stowed on the rack of a vehicle should be secure as it may dislodge in motion, if you are unsure please stow on the floor under your seat or ask the driver to place in the luggage compartment.
  • Prams and wheelchairs can be transported in the luggage compartment. We ask that the items are folded for ease of storage.
  • Should a vehicle be detained by the hirer or taken on a longer journey than contracted, the company reserves the right to make proportionate additional charges.
  • No smoking is allowed on any vehicle this includes conventional and electronic cigarettes.
  • If a coach has been hired for a sporting event then it is an offence to carry and consume alcohol. Please do not expect the driver to carry such items.
  • In the event of a coach needing to be cleaned as a result of food and drink being spilt, or in the event of sickness due to consumed alcohol, the hirer will be liable to pay for any cleaning costs or loss of revenue incurred.
  • The company will not accept any liability for damage to, or loss of personal property left in the vehicle.
  • The company does not guarantee to complete any journey in any given time, and will not be accountable for any loss or inconvenience which may arise from the delay or the detention of the vehicle for any reason what so ever.
  • No passengers in excess of the seating capacity of the vehicle may be carried.
  • Drivers hours regulations – drivers are familiar with these regulations and will depart from destinations and intermediate stopping places at agreed times (made at time of booking). They will not work outside of these regulations.
  • Any lost property found will be taken to our booking office. If perishable it will be held for 48hrs and then disposed of as we think fit. If we think that perishable items pose a health risk then we may reserve the right to dispose of at any time. Other items not reclaimed within one month will become our property and will be disposed of appropriately. Even though coaches are checked for lost items if you find anything please hand to the driver.
  • Please place litter in bins provided or take it home with you.